Trouble and Mrs Wife

Witnessing a friendly little faux Facebook argument between a husband and wife, it struck me just how clever and manipulative women are. Even the most innocuous questions come laced with cyanide if we take the wrong option.  Every nuance of your answer is carefully being evaluated and boy, are you in for trouble if so […]

Christmas wishes

Wishing everybody and theirs seasonal joy.  This grumpy old bollox loves Christmas, it was great because of the presents, then it just became a great excuse to get pissed for the best part of a fortnight, without having to worry about work.  Now I just delight in the excitement that my boys have, courtesy of some […]

Casualties of Floor

Ollie has a big tub of plastic soldiers, and I am gradually killing them all by accidentally standing on them.  Ollie is none the wiser as they go straight in the bin and his cognitive process isn’t yet developed enough to notice the tub becoming emptier.  The soldiers are plastic and therefore don’t feel pain. […]